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Sanazy's Preschool
About us

    Sanazy's Preschool is situated in the heart of North Toronto

    Clean, spacious and bright, the centre was designed to offer children maximum sunlight - critical for optimum growth and development. Fitted with child-sized fixtures, this home away from home is one that offers children, as well as parents, exceptional peace of mind. Sanazy's Preschool was founded by director Sanaz Abbasi, who opened its doors in September 2012. Beyond our commitment to helping children develop to their fullest intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and social potential, we offer:

    • clean, spacious, home-like facilities
    • highly qualified caregivers for all children
    • close by (minutes walk ) outdoor play area designed to develop gross motor skills
    • classical music piped into classrooms
    • equal attention to intellectual and emotional well being of children
    • a focus on fostering development of self-esteem, creativity and passion for learning


    We embrace all cultures and religions and celebrate all major holidays by decorating our classrooms, reading relevant stories and encouraging children to bring in festivity-related items from home to share during show and tell.

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